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The foundation of Azim Group laid in 1984 with foundation of Azim Textile in Denizli; one of the most developed industrial city in Turkey. With their targets through used technologies, they become a rising brand as a voice in textile industry in a short period of time.
In 2000; with given importance that attaches to R&D activities, they developed a new brand “Azimo” under the name of Azim Industrial Machinery and Technology Inc. that produces the automation machines especially in the towel area.
The brand “Azimo” is used in their own production facilities as well as becoming the supplier of many companies in the world wide.
In addition, Azim Group continues to grow in different business area with their investments by starting to cultivate greenhouse tomatoes on 100 acres of land and added Boss Sera Agriculture (Bossera) brand to its subsidiaries in 2007.
Azim Grup, closely following up with the technological advances, is aiming to produce machines compatible to integrate with the Industy 4.0 which are able to communicate each other with cyber methods, detect a place with sensors and determine needs of the client by analyzing data.
The group is growing in Denizli with all its strength by taking precise steps as being a brand that continuously invests in innovative R&D activities without slowing down.


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