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Azim Machinery.

The foundation of Azim Group was laid in 1984 with the establishment of Azim Textile in Denizli, one of the most developed industrial cities in Turkey. With their goals and the technologies they used, they quickly became an emerging brand in the textile industry.

In 2000, a new brand called "Azimo" was developed under the name of Azim Industrial Machinery and Technology Inc., which manufactures automation machinery, especially for the towel sector, and attaches great importance to research and R&D activities.

The "Azimo" brand is used in its own production facilities and becomes a supplier for many companies all over the world.

In addition, Azim Group continues its growth with investments in various business areas, starting with the cultivation of greenhouse tomatoes on 100 hectares of land and adding the Boss Sera Agriculture (Bossera) brand to its subsidiaries in 2007. Azim Grup closely follows technological development with the aim of producing machines that are compatible with Industry 4.0, capable of communicating with each other using cyber methods, recognizing a location with sensors, and determining customer needs by analyzing data. The Group is growing in Denizli with all its strength and taking precise steps as a brand that continuously invests in innovative R&D activities without slowing down.