Azimo 250 Label Attachment for automatic insertion of label in one hem operates simultaneously with Azimo 222. 

The label may be inserted anywhere along the hem. 
Label length  : adjustable 
Loop label     : 60mm-120mm(folded 30mm-60mm) 
Label witdth : 10mm-50mm 
The labels are fed from roll with a max. diameter up to 300 mm 

Working width : 1200mm 
Measure A       :  2620mm                                
other working width on request 

Current supply    : 400V / 50 Hz 
Vacuum sucker   : 1,5 kW 
Air connection    : 6 bar 
Air consumption : approx. 35 kW   
Note: Air compressor is only need for cleaning the machine, and the machine can process of operating without it so that the air consumption is almost none. 

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